Distance Education

The New Mexico Tech Distance Education Course Portal is where Distance Education students and many non-Distance Education students find most or all of their course content.


 How to use the Course Portal

If this is your first time accessing the Portal, log in using your New Mexico Tech ID (a 9-digit number) and your birth date in the format  MMDDYY. After logging in you will be prompted to change your password.

Don't confuse this password with your Banweb password -- they are separate.

After entering the Portal, you'll see a row of buttons, including one button for each of your courses. Click on a link to access content for that course.


Or if you don't see a button for your course, a list is at the buttom of the same page. Click a link to enter a course. If you don't see your courses in this list, click the "I don't see my courses in the list" button.



After clicking on a course link, you'll see all of the options for that course in a left-hand menu.

If the course has live sessions, you'll see the time here.

Any announcements from the instructor will appear here.

If the course has live sessions, click this button at the time of the live class to enter the virtual meeting room.

Brings up links to recorded lectures that you can view online.

Brings up a list of lectures you can download to your computer for viewing offline.

Click this button to see the instructor's announcements (they are also shown by default when you enter the course page).

Course files uploaded by the instructor (more information below).

Chat with the instructor or students live.

If your course has quizzes, discussions, or other features from a content management system called Moodle, your links will be here.

Clicking this button brings up a screen that lists the instructor and all the students in the course and allows you to send email to any or all from within the Portal.

Brings up a list of lectures you can download to portable devices for viewing offline.

The instructor can attach notes to the calendar that is at the bottom of the menu panel to indicate deadlines, reminders, and more.

The Uploaded Course Files button brings up all the files that the instructor has uploaded, including the syllabus, lecture notes, homework, and practice problems, as well as all the files that the student uploads for the instructor to see, including completed homework assignments (only viewable by the instructor).

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